Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Beneath the Veil

Faeries of the underworld... their realm is a tiny version of human earth, with birds and faeries alike. No mortal can pass into this land unless they find the veil to cross over. There is only one doorway, which is hidden beyond the forests and the mountains, the swamps and the deserts.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tales from the Sea and Faerie Treasures

As I wandered into a dark, moonlit forest…

The waning moon casts its pallor on to the placid lake that is often crowded with swans, gulls and ducks in the daylight hours. The rooks were silent in their canopy of trees, slumbering in their nests. No cacophony or echo of calls could be heard besides the murmurs of the branches drifting aside to let me pass.
It is wondrous what your eyes will glimpse in the gloaming...
A startled fox leaping over a broken fence, the pale heart-shaped face of a night owl regarding you curiously from its perch, a ghostly light flickering over a wild swamp, faces peering out of a hollow tree.
The howl of a wolf…