Friday, 29 October 2010

Unseelie Tales

She discovered a hagstone amidst a scattering of chestnuts. It made her think of the doorway into faerie. Perhaps this primeval stone was the key. She put the stone to her eye, saw nothing at first… still at that moment the forest chose to come alive.

Skeletal branches parted to expose a haunt of unearthly revels. She wasn’t sure of their existence before, and had only ever glimpsed the harbinger of faerie by way of spectral lights darting along passageways in the old house. There was no longer any disbelief that the supernatural existed.

Elbereth was known to some as the Lady of the Forest, a being of darkness. Many of the small forest spirits feared her, others akin to the piskies watched with fascination. Elbereth could glamour mortals if she wished, acquire their souls for her inner self, but these wicked endeavours existed many moons ago and she no longer wished harm. She was aware of the girl watching from the tangle of briars and turned her head slightly, allowing the mortal to see the mask she wore. "Return at the witching hour..."


Thursday, 21 October 2010

October Spell

This woodland is one of the most treasured places to roam, there are earthly delights and hidden finds. It is perhaps a little over trodden, nevertheless flawless when humans are no longer in orbit.

My vision captures something new, every time. An acorn here, a mushroom cap there.

The cycle of seasons is alluring, the transition from summer to autumn. Leaves shifting colours. There was once a time when nature was unspoiled.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Woodland Wanderings



I had gone to sleep with the full moon peering through my open window, a dreamless night, ready to wake at dawn like every other morning. The house was quiet, except for the creaking of the attic door that was loose on its hinges, the noise reminded me of withered old bones.
I dressed quickly, pulling on my tattered boots and long velvet coat that kept the wind out. As I opened the front door and stepped out on to the gravelled path, I caught a glimpse of a startled fox foraging through the dustbin, a piece of yesterday’s remains dangling from its mouth.
The forest was only a few minutes distance from home, situated behind a crumbling factory that had ceased production. I came here to dream, to be at one with the earth. I had never seen another soul in this forest, it was rumoured to be haunted by spirits that crossed over from the other world.


A hawk circled lazily in the sky, watching, as I climbed the rickety bridge that lead to the waterfall. The water level was particularly high this morning, and autumn leaves floated downstream to meet their fate. As I reached the familiar meadow, with its welcoming silver birch trees, I discovered that I wasn’t alone.
The girl sat in the centre of the meadow, legs crossed, in a meditative state. I was aware of her gaze darting to my face, but she remained tranquil. She told me her name was Leaf.

When we clasped hands, I saw that she was a being of the earth, the forest her natural element. Leaf was a story teller, a weaver of magics.

Her fingers were stained with mud and berry juice and the dress she wore was ragged and adorned with different shades of green. Bracelets and bone jewellery hung from her slender wrists, jangling with the slightest movement. There was a circle of flowers laid out on the ground, enclosed by acorns and chestnut shells, an offering for the wood mother.

She began to tell me a story, about the lore of the ancient trees and gods of the earth.