Friday, 29 October 2010

Unseelie Tales

She discovered a hagstone amidst a scattering of chestnuts. It made her think of the doorway into faerie. Perhaps this primeval stone was the key. She put the stone to her eye, saw nothing at first… still at that moment the forest chose to come alive.

Skeletal branches parted to expose a haunt of unearthly revels. She wasn’t sure of their existence before, and had only ever glimpsed the harbinger of faerie by way of spectral lights darting along passageways in the old house. There was no longer any disbelief that the supernatural existed.

Elbereth was known to some as the Lady of the Forest, a being of darkness. Many of the small forest spirits feared her, others akin to the piskies watched with fascination. Elbereth could glamour mortals if she wished, acquire their souls for her inner self, but these wicked endeavours existed many moons ago and she no longer wished harm. She was aware of the girl watching from the tangle of briars and turned her head slightly, allowing the mortal to see the mask she wore. "Return at the witching hour..."