Thursday, 28 April 2011

Forest Maiden

I dwell in the forest
Amidst the oak, birch and ash
Branches and roots intertwine at the hollow of a tree
Where a nuthatch drinks from a shallow pool of water
Beyond the enclosure of trees are open fields
Where wildflowers, primroses and dandelions grow
A swift fox emerges from the tall grass
Its gaze transfixed on a juvenile rabbit
Two tawny owls swoop close to the ground
Keen eyes watching for movement in the rushes
And a flock of rooks startle the tranquil sky
Ebon silhouettes against the hues of sunset
My sanctuary is a treasure trove
Furnished with feathers, acorns and a carpet of moss
A cloak of leaves keeps me warm at eventide
When I embrace my faerie disguise

Monday, 25 April 2011

April Bluebells and The Tale of a Faerie Door

Bluebell woods; a solitary mute swan guarding the placid lake overgrown with weeds, yellow brimstone butterflies, horses grazing in a field, animal runs, curling ferns and ivy, lavender and bluebells perfuming the air, a faerie door at the base of a tree, badger sets, a pathway of blushing fuchsia petals, faerie offerings (shards of coloured glass), meandering stream, bird bones and a torn wing...

Tales from Pendarves Wood :

There is a leaf carved in wood, this is the trail that leads to the bluebell glade... Bluebells have sprung early this year, a sea of amethyst, lilac and deep violet blue scattered between trees and crooked pathways. Light dances in the thick of the trees; evergreen oak, beech, willow and English oak. Cobwebs hang from dragon shaped branches, dewy webs with critters dangling on gossamer threads.
A trickling stream weaves its way towards the lake where a graceful swan watches from afar. There is a stately home in the distance with views of fields and the surrounding land. The water is beautiful and serene, overgrown with water lilies, pondweeds and water starwort. The lake seems unfathomable, perhaps an Asrai dwells beneath the reeds and algae.
A giant tree with a faerie door lies ahead, vast enough to house a whole tribe of woodland faeries. I imagine there to be a spiral staircase with hallways leading to the kitchens, bedrooms and library. And an observatory on the highest branch where a wise old owl and raven keep a vigilant gaze over the majestic land.

Bluebells bask in a patch of warm sunlight at the waters edge and the remains of a bird carcass is laid to rest on the bed of the stream. At the boundary of the wood, horses/mule drink from the small watering hole.