Sunday, 23 October 2011

September's Alchemy

"I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." ~ Anais Nin.
I apologise for such a long absence, sometimes it is difficult to overcome the swamps of sadness but autumn has lifted my spirits and the world is beautiful again. I hope your days are filled with blessings, magic and wonder.

Reveries of beautiful autumn days when the sun forks the sky, a parliament of rooks, sacred waterfalls, quarter moon over the valley of waning pink light, hay bales in a field deserted of cows, a barn owl calling to the moon, over forty swans gliding on Malpas river, the distinct song of a curlew, atmospheric dark moon, castle ruins, shops selling crystals, spheres, scrying balls, potions, fetishes, athames, silver ritual jewellery, books and dream catchers…

Nature Diary :

September 11th
Today; walking in the eerily silent wood, feeding brown bread to a family of swans, a tiny faery ring of mushrooms at the base of a tree, the expanse wings of a crane as it flew up into the bleak sky, taking photographs of angel gravestones, a dove’s nest in the roof of a church, waves crashing against the blowing hole, fishermen perched on the treacherous rocks, a misty haze settling over the land before the storm rolled in…

September 12th
Revels under a harvest moon. Isolated beach, cool night air, lapping of waves, imagining buoys to look like seals bobbing their heads, twirling carefree on the shore, luminous light from moored ships, no cacophony of ducks from the still lake opposite, silence…

September 17th
Perfect ending to the day. My love and I sighted the ivory silhouettes of swans gliding down the river, ethereal on moonlit water. They floated downriver towards us and clambered onto the marshy shore where we threw them pieces of leftover sandwiches.

September 29th
Today I fell down a rabbit hole and found myself in mushroom land. I glimpsed hawthorn trees with lichen and red berries, faerie rings of earth coloured mushrooms, water lilies on a dragonfly pond, yellowing leaves and a stoat skull.