Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Horned Creature

I have been aspiring to make faerie horns for such a long time and here are two pairs; Obsidian and Vampira. These horns are for darkling creatures with a penchant for the mysterious and sinister side of the supernatural realm. Next in the making are… horns for forest dwellers and swan maidens.

I will be opening an Etsy shop in the next few months and I wanted to thank you all for such lovely comments and well wishes.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Selkie Seas

Forever dreaming of the sea, it sings to me like a sirens song calling to Persephone. Hearken to the sound of music upon the wind, the sweet luring voices that will someday enchant a seafarers heart.
Twelve thousand feet beneath the water exists an unknown realm, where mythical beings dwell as if cast under a spell by a powerful warlock.
A tale that shall be told when all grows silent and the world is ready to listen.

Ocean ~

Tales of selkies and haunted coves, clambering over fallen rocks in search of seals slumbering in their caves, tempestuous waves, foaming water colliding against rock pools, lifeless fish lost to the pebbled shore, beachcombing for shells, feathers, sea life, a peregrine falcon hovering in the sky, the gloaming, soft ripples and hazy mists, wispy clouds, iridescence, the last of the sunlight lapping the shore.


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Riding The Skies At Eventide

Riding The Skies At Eventide is a painting inspired by Carpathian forests and nocturnal creatures.
Lacrimosa the unseelie court faerie soars over the clouds, clinging to the furry back of her vampire bat Morte. Together they chase the inky black tail of night in search of fables.
Two onyx feathers are nestled in Lacrimosa’s hair, if she chooses, they will transform into rooks.
There is a small thatched cottage that lies deep within the trees, no one lives there but a secret lingers in the air.
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