Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Autumn Faerie

Archways of leaves, autumnal colours; burgundy, copper, ochre, gold, windswept barren fields, collecting pumpkins from a farm, sunshine and bitter winds, apple trees, fairs, hibernation, squirrels burying fallen acorns, all hallows eve, forests ablaze with golden light, pine needles underfoot, woollen cloaks, horse drawn carriages, will o’ the wisps, the witching hour, spectres, pyres, warm blankets and piles of books.

Harvest, early sunsets, bats flitting across the sky, fly agaric mushrooms red, shivering trees, revels in the moonlight, glimpses of faery dances, flickering candles and ghost stories, shooting stars by the ocean, mist pockets, fox shaped silhouettes, country lanes enshrouded by fog, eerie twinkling music, guises, jack o’ lanterns to ward off evil spirits, the waning moon, beware the shadows drawing in.