Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Forest of Stories

Companions in the snow.

The Troll Woods ~

Walk past the three witches tree and the cluster of birch
There is an archway of tangled nettles, crouch underneath and be wary of the thorns
They like to ensnare the curious wayfarer
Dusk is beginning to approach
You do not wish to be wandering in the
forest at nightfall

Stumble down a mud streaked slope where you will see a path winding its way through the thicket
Follow the trail but do not turn back
The trees whisper as you pass
Their moss covered branches closing in

Pine needles are soft underfoot as you draw near to the mire
Cross the stepping stones through the foul swamp but beware of trickery
The mire is endless and you will be lost forever

You have approached the troll gate
One door will lead you to the realm
And the other door will lead to nowhere
Make your choice or leave it to chance

Wandering through the woods... leaves are crisp underfoot and I pay heed to the cacophony of rooks in the branches, waiting in the wings for a trail of bread crumbs. Two swans, elegant but greedy, waddle out of the lake. Their graceful, ivory wings arching behind them. A tiny robin flew over to my outstretched hand, hovered in the air for a few seconds before brushing its downy feathers against my skin.