Saturday, 3 July 2010

Into the Wild

Blessings. *                                                                                                                                  
The coast, ruined mine buildings and an old fashioned hamlet, butterflies (silver studded blue), grasshoppers, wild flowers growing along the hedgerows, swift birds darting through the reeds, adders nesting in rabbit holes, rocky coves and wrecks, fishing boats, windswept cliffs, dark tunnels leading underground where miners perished in an accident, pebbled beaches and the swell of waves, washed up crabs, fisherman huts built into the granite, hidden valleys.

Foxgloves, dragonflies ~ faeries hovering over the water, river weaving  through the forest floor, climbing and climbing to the highest peak, echoes, trees that remind you of Scandinavian landscapes, pine trees, fur trees and conifer trees, scrambling over roots, children playing in the stream, trees creaking (whispering dryads), bird of prey in the cloudless sky.

Roaming the land of Golitha falls, unspoilt fields and earth, granite rocks from the days of the glaciers, giant water wheal pits, tunnels leading underground, otter paw prints, blackbirds foraging, waterfalls over moss covered rocks, tree roots and sun flares, unseen hollows, green summer leaves.