Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Wood Beyond The World

I call this place the wild wood, it is unruly and untamed. The trees sway and creak in the chill easterly breeze, the air is filled with strange voices, whisperings and foraging in the thicket.
After waiting expectantly for a goblin or wood sprite to appear, the raucous noise turns out to be a blackbird or song thrush scurrying in the undergrowth.
The forest floor is caked with dried mud and puddles of rain water, vines and ivy creep along tree bark and crisp browning leaves await the arrival of sunshine for nourishment.
An atmospheric stillness falls over the land and root tendrils snake around my feet as I follow the meandering pathway.
I step into the cave and the air shimmers. Silhouettes begin to form as I glide into a sylphlike ethereal veil; the otherworld.

Nature observations ~
A squirrel pauses at the foot of a tree to nibble on a nut uprooted from the soil of winter.
Horses graze in the pasture; a stallion and two adolescents.
Daffodils (Narcissus) scattered amongst the long grass, bowing their petaled heads.
A cluster of wild snowdrops hidden behind a fence.
The fluty song of a thrush as it trills happily from the bushes.
Leafy glades riddled with ancient mine shafts.
A vast pond full of water creatures; frogs, frogspawn, toads, eels, tiny fish.
Hazel catkins swaying in the wind and scattering golden pollen; a sign of spring.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I want to build a tree house right there. I could live there forever!!!
And your drawings are so beautiful; I can see them in a book!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your blog. A breath of pure, fresh air. I would so love to go fairyfinding in this wild wood; I'm certain there would be many magical creatures hiding amongst the ferns and bracken. Beautiful drawings, too. Hoping you are well, xxx

Alessandro said...


Niina said...

Your blog is so beautiful with all the pictures and stories. I love your drawing style.
And those trees and nature images.. I'm speechless

You are welcome to visit my artblog at any time.

Blessed Be

Robin said...

Lovely, as usual!

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

Naomi ~ Yes! I always feel so at home in the forest, or by the sea.
Thank you my lovely, that is one of my dreams; to have a book full of illustrations.
Wishing you all the best ♥

Thea ~ Thank you sweetheart. You must come and visit one day, I shall show you the secret places to look for fey.
I am very well thank you, hoping you are too.

Alessandro ~ Thank you!

Niina ~ You are so kind, thank you ♥
I followed your blog :)

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

Robin ~ Thank you! :)
I am going to read your blog now, it looks wonderful.

MJ said...

Oh so so beautiful. How I wish Spring was laready here so I could go walking in my own woods and take in the magic that it holds.
Everything in your blog is wonderful x

Róisín said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for following my blog, especially since it led me here. This place is magical! I can't believe I've not stumbled across you before now. Your work is so beautiful...
Thanks again,
Roisin x

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

MJ ~ Thank you dear. I hope that Spring arrives for you soon.
Your blog is an inspiration, thank you for sharing your world.

Roisin ~ You are very welcome ♥ I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog.
Thank you for leaving such kind words, it truly means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

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