Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Forest of Childhood Dreams

The story behind this painting derives from a childhood memory. The girl child sat upon the bear’s furry back is named Sugarplum (after a fairy I suppose), and the bear acts as a father to her after her own kin vanished when she was a small baby.
Together they wander through the enchanted forest of faeries and trees in search of nursery rhymes and dreams.

May ~
A startled magpie pursuing an owl, jackdaws nesting in the crumbling remains of an engine house, a lone raven collecting bread for its nest, raggedy ponies grazing, geese and chickens roaming farm land, the winding roads of Brea, gypsy horses and caravans, the watchful gazes of rooks, fox resting by the roadside, shipwreck coves, swallow tailed birds flitting back and forth to the cliffs, black-backed gulls circling above the sea, forgotten feathers, caterpillar cocoons nestled amongst gorse.


Sandie said...

Beautiful art and words - to me your paintings are full of mystery and secrets waiting to reveal themselves. Thanks for sharing.

Taya said...

You have beautiful drawings, theyre truly inspiring. Keep on growing in your talent, please

Anonymous said...

Oh, beauty. ♥ I so dearly adore everything you create. Your description of the month of May is lovely and full of life, magic and adventure. xxx

Amalia K said...

Hi Natelee! This is such an enchanting piece. I wish I lived in a place like that... (^_^)

enKsucré - Photographe said...

Waw !
What an amazing work.
Really nice.

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

Sandie ~ Oh thank you dear, it means a lot to me that you think so. There are always secrets ♥

Taya ~ Thank you sweetpea. That is my only wish x

Thea ~ You have such a dear heart, I cannot thank you enough x

Amalia ~ Thank you lovely. I wish I lived in a place like that too! x

enKsucré ~ Thank you kindly, that is so very sweet of you ♥