Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sunset over Cow and Calf Rock

Blessings ~

Found eggshells; dove, sparrow and snake, three ivory swan feathers that shimmer iridescent, a tiny cove with treacherous waters, nomads wandering on the cliffs, snakes camouflaged in long wild grass, aubergine, ochre and burgundy coloured heather adorning the exposed rock face, collecting feathers from the edge of a lake, receiving handwritten letters, stones from a metaphysical shop; amethyst, moonstone, bloodstone and rose quartz, sea fog rolling inland, mist ridden shores {reminded me of a post apocalyptic landscape}, rooks awaiting a supper of discarded fish and chips, baby gulls testing shallow waters for the first time, limpets and sea anemones clinging to a cave wall, a carpet of edible mussels spread across the rocks and a murky pool of sea algae, crabs and tiny silver fish darting from one place to another.