Sunday, 3 July 2011

3 Wishes Faery Festival

My dear friend Amy and I braved the elements for the first gathering of the fae clans in the ancient kingdom of Dumnonia. The festival welcomed kin from all over the globe… Mermaids, pirates, elves, highwaymen, dryads, tree spirits, small pixies, spriggans, faeries, banshees, shape shifters, wizards, goblins, kindred folk, ethereal maidens, satyrs, noble earth mothers, wild witch women…

We pitched our tiny tents by a faerie mound and the rain lashed down for two days and two nights making us believe we were at sea. Fire and flame warmed us at nightfall; a tribe of faeries huddled around the welcoming campfire, singing songs and sharing tales.

Cedar trees and a beautiful shell and crystal mermaid throne sheltered the lawn where the magic flowed free. There was a vegan café that offered bean burgers, paella, salad and pitta bread, beautiful stalls that sold trinkets and oddities, clothing, wings, crystals and healing stones, flower circlets, dream catchers, art and books, nomads selling their wares, travellers from afar, teepees, the giggling goblin bar (a cosy retreat with potions aplenty), wild sheep and deer, ancient woodland and folly, castle ruins, secret coves, workshops to decorate wings, wands and headdresses, belly dancing and hula hooping, fire faeries twirling and a trooping procession of male fae.

Sweet music often filled the air; men with drums, pipes, guitars, tin whistles and rhyme… Women with flutes, bells, ocarinas, tambourines, song and dance.

Happy Midsummer! x