Sunday, 24 July 2011

Badger, Sketchbook and Greeting Cards

The badger is a brave and noble fellow,
A creature of the night with a heart of gold,
He wanders along desolate misty roads,
Searching for stories and tales to be told,

On his midnight voyage to the fields,
He meets hedgehog, rabbit and fox,
Following the trail of slugs and snails,
He stumbles upon a box,

Three birds flew into the sky,
Snow-coloured, graceful and free,
He looked up with curiosity in his eyes,
Before disappearing into the hollow of a tree.


chelsea said...

Lovely stuff. You must have a bunch of sketchbooks/scrapbooks done over the years, i want to rummage! So many pretty things :)

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

Thank you Chelsea ♥
I tend to have lots floating around but I never seem to finish them! Next time you visit, you must come and see my nest :)
{I have a faerie drawing for you so I shall have to grab your address soon ♥}

chelsea said...

I really want to get down cornwall again soon only not driving means costs me around £80 trains :( But when i have next saved and am on way shall let you know so we can have a fae froliking day around the coast :) Oooh, thankyou,I will facebook message you address xx

Cristina Ione said...

i love your posts.and photos. i love to burn pages too. mew.... everything you do is beauty

Uhooi said...

Wow, It works great, beautiful and creative,,

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, and very, very inspiring! I want to go forth and create something pretty, now. Thank you, my lovely. xxx

saffronlungs said...

i adore your and your works, so pretty and whimsical - i want to float away into these gorgeous places with glad to find your magickal corner <3